Our mission is our belief, that most fossil fuels and their derivatives, including trees, should be banned worldwide in order to save our precious planet by reversing the Greenhouse Effect and stopping deforestation. When accomplished, there will be only one annually renewable natural resource known to man capable of providing the world's overall supply of paper and textiles, meet all of the world's transportation, industrial and home energy needs, while simultaneously reducing pollution, rebuilding our soil and cleaning our atmosphere. This incredibly powerful natural resource grows pole to pole, continent to continent; and once supplied our global need for food, textiles, organic alternative medicines, essential oils, nutritional supplements, environmentally safe paper and plastics, biodegradable body care products, construction materials, livestock feed and bedding. Hemp can and will save the world when the people demand it. Our sincere narrow-minded professional commitment is to provide the finest hydroponically-grown American Organic Cannabis Hemp products available on earth while maintaining the highest standards of horticultural compliance, cultivation, education, genetics, information and free-market opportunity in the USA since 1937! Please think globally, buy organically and always remember to recycle.